BSA A10 Golden Flash details

1962 BSA A10 Golden Flash - Sorry, this bike is now sold.

If you're interested in this or a similar machine try Honoroak Motorcycles in Skegness. Doug, the proprietor, had this A10 from me and gave me a fair deal in a part-exchange.

Harry Louis, editor of the Motor Cycle in the 1950s, had this to say about the Golden Flash:

"... on the give-and take going of British roads, the Flash is capable of averages that are unlikely to be bettered by the versions with the slightly higher maximum speeds..... high averages without conscious effort become commonplace."

- an assessment which is still true today. Although lacking the flashy glamour of its Rocket and Rocket Gold Star stablemates, the Flash's iron head gives relative silence whilst the lower state of tune combined with the standard ratio gearbox gives huge flexibility.

This is a lovely 1962 Golden Flash which I have owned and improved for nearly 3 years. In that time I have: but have retained its essential character and style.

The bike has a full MoT and of course has free road tax being pre-1975. It startes exceptionally easily hot or cold and runs beautifully. In fact, it started second kick after having stood for 8 months despite what people say about modern petrol!

The tyres are recent Avon SM type (with modern formula rubber), the bike steers and handles very well. In fact I prefer its handling to the Velo Venom that preceded it in my garage (although this may upset some Velo riders) as it's much less twitchy over white lines / grooves etc.

I'm selling it as I really prefer singles and am on the lookout for an AMC 500cc single and sadly don't have room for both.

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Here are some pictures:

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