Sorry it's now been sold

You are looking at a 1973 Norton Commando 850cc Mark 1 Interstate. I have owned this bike since 1986 and have progressively improved it to approach the ideal for long distance fast touring. It is not a concours example of an original bike - if that's what you want then please don't look any further. It is a reliable and sound bike which can still hold its own with the moderns and which is easily capable of cruising at 70mph for hour after hour and of dealing with back to back 300 mile days and coming back for more.

One of the first few thousand 828cc bikes which solved many of the problems of the 750 engines. These bikes are fitted as standard with the full-flow oil filter and the sump strainer. They also have the revised steering geometry giving precise handling at speeds up to the ton. Over the years I have owned the bike I have added many features to improve its performance, reliability and robustness including:
Many original components are also included eg front disc and caliper, footrests and brake pedal, airbox, Interstate side panels.

Throughout the 1990s, I took the bike on annual long distance trips. The furthest of these was to Greece and back, a total of 3,500 miles which was completed in a riding time of 12 days (with a few days off in the middle for recovery - mine not the bike!). I have also been to the Alps and Pyrenees several times, to the far North of Scotland and round the western coasts of the UK. The Commando has always brought me home safely under its own power. Many favourable comments on its performance and sound have been received from other motorcyclists on the dockside at Cherbourg. I also completed five ACU National Rallies on the bike, in each of which I gained a Gold or Special Gold (involving covering upwards of 500 miles in 24 hours)

General condition
The bike is in generally very good to excellent condition although cosmetically could be improved in a number of areas, the chief of which is the petrol tank which is looking a little tired in places. The exhausts although sound are dulled and have some surface rust marks. The rear wheel has been rebuilt using a British chrome rim and fitted with a new TT100. The front rim is OK but a bit tarnished in places, with another TT100 in excellent nick. The speedo head is the original green spot version but the rev counter is a later one with the NVT logo which I fitted after the original failed. I have been meticulous about maintenance on this machine and mechanically it is spot on, does not leak or burn oil and runs very sweetly. The bike has been off the road and kept in dry storage for the last 4 years and will be sold with a full MoT.

So why am I selling it?
Having owned the bike for nearly 20 years, I feel the time has come to move on. I have a 1949 Model 18 in kit form which has been languishing awaiting rebuild for some 10 years and have also bought a modern bike (Triumph Tiger). This has meant that I am not riding the Commando and feel it would be sensible to pass it on to someone who would, rather than have it gathering dust. I'm sure I will be sorry to see it go but I've always believed motorcycles are for using not looking at.

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