1955 Velocette Viper/Venom

Sorry the bike has now been sold - thanks for the interest

I have owned this bike for 3 years, buying it as a 350cc Viper but converting the engine to 500cc Venom spec last year, as I found the 350 a little underpowered for open road use especially overtaking. This has made it a much more relaxed ride as the 350 really neeeded to be kept well on the boil to make decent progress. The bike has not been bodged or mutilated and all work has been done to a very high standard. It has MoT till April 2011.

The Velo starts easily (using the correct technique of course!) and runs very well with no flat spots or hesitation. It will happily pull 70mph up hill and down dale all day long with my substantial weight aboard, and has superb acceleration. Clutch engagement is smooth and positive; gearchange light and precise with no jumping out of gear. The bike handles very well and has no difficulty keeping up with (and indeed overtaking) modern traffic. Braking is superb from any speed. I have done around 2,000 miles on the Velo and it has never let me down or caused me the slightest concern.

All mechanical, suspension and electrical aspects are in excellent condition with no known faults. I have overhauled the clutch with new thrust bearing etc, fitted a Venom cylinder barrel, Hepolite piston, head etc after having the barrel rebored and fitting new valve guides and valves. I have also fitted a reconditioned Lucas dynamo with an electronic 12V regulator. I have rewired the bike completely with top quality components, have made all new control cables and fitted correct nitrile rubber petrol and oil lines. I have fitted an after-market "roll-on" centre stand from Grove, so putting the bike on the stand is an easy matter. I have also fitted the improved oil filter supplied by the VOC spares scheme. The magneto (manual advance model) was reconditioned before I bought the bike

Paintwork is excellent with no rust but is not concours. The petrol tank has a small dent near the filler cap. It would be a shame to refinish it as I believe the paintwork is original. The chrome is good but faded in parts, again with no rust. All nuts and bolts, many in stainless steel, are in good condition with no rounded heads etc. The exhaust pipe is a used autojumble item and is the only cosmetic item letting the appearance down as it has at some time been dented (I assume to provide clearance for Clubman gearchange). Modern Avon tyres in good condition are fitted to stainless wheel rims and spokes.

The bike will come with all original parts to return it to Viper specification.

I have really enjoyed owning and riding the Velo and am sure the next owner will be just as pleased, but it must go to make room for something else.

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